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AR Social Media is a company that helps you to reach your full potential on Social Media. Our programs focus on building a solid marketing strategy, with tailored and creative content, using your buyer personas to smart target future customers. We promise to grow your followers, increase your impressions and improve your online presence, while enjoying the process.


Tier Number 1 - Social Media Marketing Plan

All you need to know to kick off your social media strategy. A complete audit of your social media accounts will provide the necessary insight to determine if you're on the right path or not. This tier will solve all questions regarding:

  • What are the best channels for my company?

  • How often should I publish content?

  • What kind content will lead me to success?

  • What is the best strategy to achieve my goals?

  • How important is to engage with other users?

  • What are the do's and don'ts of social media?



Tier number 2 - full management

Perfect for business that wants to stand out from the crowd. Great content will set you apart from billions of social media users. We provide personalised content calendar according to your business's goals and resources. Your content will be produced by journalists, professional photographers, and accomplished illustrators and graphic designers. With wise use of automation tools, we will grow your follower's number based on your audience target, location, professional and goals. Organically grow your reach on social media based on your company's personas and keywords. 

  • +100 - +400 followers weekly

  • Analytics

  • Promo video and Highlights

  • Tailored Content

  • 1 IGTV credit per month

  • Content Calendar

  • Posts every 3 days

  • New Instagram design

  • 24 hours service

  • Tags, location and Personas

Available for


tier number 3 - complete program

Content is nothing without smart distribution, and nobody is popular without powerful content. The complete program englobes first and second tiers, creating a tight and smart marketing strategy for your business with a guarantee of positive results. 

  • 24 hours service

  • Tags, location and Personas

  • Content Calendar

  • Visual Identity

  • From 3 to 5 weekly posts

  • +100 - +700 followers weekly (Instagram only)

  • Weekly Instagram Analytics

  • Monthly Complete Report

  • Tailored Content


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