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We get it. It can be extremely taxing to find out how to take the most of your company’s potential on social media. That is exactly why we are here for. Our manifesto is to ease your road to success, advising on how to control and explore your business more effectively. You do not need to face a bumpy ride.

We are prepared to deal with any request your business might require at any moment. Our team is filled with accomplished professionals capable to provide all the tools necessary for a successful social media strategy.

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Adilson Randi

social media manager/ founder

Social Media has taken the world by its horns and turned everything upside down. And I love it! I'm a social media savvy and extremely passionate about what I do.

My digital endeavor started over 13 years ago when Facebook was still nonexistent. My passion drove me not only to learn the technical nuances of the numerous platforms out there but also to understand how society is adopting this new digital world and radically changing its behavior.

With degrees in Journalism and Digital Marketing I'm fortunate to have worked on many different projects helping me being a well rounded professional. I've worked with travel agencies and bloggers, national/international fundraising campaigns, real estate agencies, actors and personalities and, restaurants and pubs. 


Our Partners


maikon markes
Graphic Designer

Graphic designer with +12 years of experience specialised in creating the visual identity for all sorts of business. My dedication to work and motivation to grow led me to exceptional projects and experiences. I have always concentrated on channeling my talent and creativity into meaningful and powerful results. I am proud of the work I do, as well as the strong relationships I have created with clients along the years. 


rodrigo azevedo

Fashion Stylist and Journalist with experience in editorial and online magazines. Graduated in Journalism with a degree in Fashion and Art Culture,  I have collaborated with local and international publications as F. Cultura de Moda and BLCN MAG. I've studied street style, coolhunting and fashion photography, focusing on the multidisciplinary aspects of the creative industries. My curiosity leads to keep improving my language and academic skills which take me to a never-ceasing learning/developing process. 


Piotr Albrecht

I've spent the majority of my professional life as a graphic designer, with over 8 years of experience under my belt. In more recent years, I've been focusing my work on illustrating. Although flexible with my style, I generally lean towards cartoon-like aesthetics, using bold lines, colours and shapes, with a strong emphasis on character design and storytelling. I am often influenced by popular culture, fine art, music, personal experiences as well as humour. My previous clients include Wealth Wizards, LV= and Derry City and Strabane District Council.


wayne ellis
Founder of Digiwot

We are specialists in business development, strategy and enhancing digital channels through technical and tactical optimisation. I consider myself a creative strategist, who enjoys defining digital road maps to meet and align with organisation objectives, with a proven track record in delivering growth and competitiveness and nothing would make me happier than sitting down with you to see how I can help your business succeed.