Vanessa Rebello on Adding Depth to Social Media
Written by Helene Clabecq

The Portuguese Fitness Model and Psychologist Vanessa Rebello shares her take on a thought-through usage of social media. After having navigated the fashion world, studied people’s behaviors and as a heavy user of Instagram, she explains how she chose to communicate on that platform with mindfulness.

“Social media is not all about beautiful pictures, beautiful plates of food and tumblr quotes that mostly don’t even fit the person who’s posting them … I use my social media for much more than that!”

At the first glance, we could think that she is another beautiful model displaying her physique and that’s it. But Vanessa is much more than that. Yes, she does empower women to love their bodies, but more than that, she empowers them to embrace their inner beauty: they confidence, their strength, their will.

She writes long captions under each post and talks on her stories to push her followers to self-reflect.

“Everything I post it’s from my heart, it’s not a cute quote that I find somewhere and that is socially cool to write. When I write a quote, from anywhere, it’s because I truly believe in those words. I try everyday to pass on to my followers the way I see and live life, the way I see people, the way I believe the world can be a better place.”

Her goal is more than just empowerment. She believes that this is the first step to a better world, a world defined by acceptance:

“I just want to free people from hatred. Do you realize what a game changer this would be if people hated less and loved more, especially themselves? I meet too many people more worried about criticizing others and letting them down, than empowering them. The thing is they do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their own character.”