Reasons why you should invest in social media
Posted by Adilson Randi.

Social Media is the hot topic of the moment. The online world has created a completely new, and yet very unexplored platform with limitless potential. Although some countries have 80% of their population with at least one profile created on social media, this is still (believe or not) a very new science to the majority of its users.

Fundamentally, social media was never designed for business and brands. Its main goal was to connect people from all over the world based on their interests and social groups. However, businesses gradually discover social media as a powerful and efficient way to stablish a relationship with their customers. And where there are customers there is also advertisement. “Social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide over the past 2 years - going from $16 billion U.S. in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016” (, 2017). And the numbers continue to impress:

  • Over 50 million businesses use Facebook Business Pages. (Word Stream, 2017)

  • 2 million business use Facebook for advertising. (Word Stream, 2017)

  • 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan or make purchases. (Word Stream, 2017)

  • More than 56% of online adults use more than one social media platform. (Word Stream, 2017)

  • 92% of marketers say that social media is important to their business. (Social Media Examiner, 2015)

Even though those numbers are quite admirable, success on social media won't come as easy. It will require a lot of dedication, investment, and 100% commitment. Social Media is a vital source of any business in the world and here are a few reasons why you should prioritize investment on yours.


Stop showing your brand to everyone and start showing to who really matters

Imagine owning a shop on the busiest street in your city exposed to thousands of daily passers-by. That's everybody's dream, right? Now imagine a strong online presence exposed to millions of people and all of them with the exact same interests as your businesses’. Which one would be more effective?

Smart targeting will use information available on social media to look for your specific buyer personas and start new conversations. Have you ever wonder why people use so many hashtags and location tags? Now it's time to truly use that all source of information. Hashtags, geo locations, demographics, likes, comments, and shares are valuable data that billions of users provide by the minute. They allow the specialist to track in real-time what users are talking about your brand, where they were located, where they live, what they like, the kind of job they have, their income and even their relationship status. Handy, don’t you think?


Word of mouth mega-amplified

If Mary buys a product in your shop you might be lucky if she shares her positive impressions of her purchase with her close friends, family and maybe co-workers. The physical reach of Mary's social circle probably won't generate the buzz you need to ramp up your business. However, on social media, this reach can be potentialized. With one single click, Mary would be able to share her ideas with thousands of people in a matter of seconds. And even better, by publishing her opinion on social media, Mary will leave testimonial trace that can be re-accessed at any time by anyone.

There are many ways to encourage Mary to go online and share feedback on your business' products. Tailored social media campaigns and advertising will help to promote your brand's engagement levels, therefore increasing more impressions and leading to new customers. Can you imagine what a simple “Share this image on social media to get 10% off your next purchase” can do to your sales numbers?


Allows instantaneous feedback from customers

  • 59% of Americans with social media accounts think that customer service through social media has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved.  (, 2016)

Social media platforms are the shortest way to your customer's mind. They enable immediate response from customers whether they are negative or positive. Besides the obvious product reviews, by simply liking, commenting and sharing your brand's content online your audience will offer you with a valuable insight of their perspectives of your product. You will be able to identify the most discuss topics related to your business and focus on directly giving what your audience is looking for.

Say goodbye to tedious job of calling your customer and sending out product review emails to quantity levels of satisfaction. Social Media will take your customer service experience to a completely different level increasing exponentially your brand's credibility.


Boost your website visitors, improve SEO, and generate leads

This is where everything pays off. Since 2015, social media is the number #1 driver of all website referral traffic. In some cases, social media is responsible for more than 65% of overall traffic.

It's a chain of events. A powerful online presence, quality content, high levels of engagement, and thousands of followers will lead to only one single direction: your website. When someone hits the follow button they are also exposed to your business bio and website link. Every time a relevant content is published on social media a prompt call to action should follow your content leading your user straight to your website.

Every time you get a new follower or some content is liked, commented and shared on social media your rank score improves on engine searches like The more that happens the better are the chances of you being at the top of the list of search page results.


Social Media can take your business off the ground

Social media is the easiest way to put your brand on the map. No matter if you are a new start-up, an entrepreneur, a local business, or your own brand, social media determinates your chances of being noticed by your audience, sometimes even before your business launches.

A good social media strategy at little to no cost investment will improve your social media reach and impressions. By doing that it will entitle your company to spread its word to a larger audience and accomplish the brand awareness you're vividly looking for. From your own phone, you can start new conversations about relevant topics to your brand; establish it as a leader on your subject interest, owning respect from your audience. All of this without breaking the bank.

The return on investment is a guaranteed satisfaction. By only focus on creating quality content and improving your brand awareness, your investment in social media will provide a greater impact on your businesses growth instantaneously.