How Using Social Media the Right Way can Create an Amazing Movement
Written by Helene Clabecq

Former model from Brazil and now filmmaker, Cris Saur is launching her first documentary “Quest for Beauty” early 2019.

With her fashion statement, “Inner Beauty will Save the World”, she challenges people to heal themselves through finding their inner beauty, their divinity and uniqueness and share it with the world.

Specialised in storytelling and master in finding beauty everything she goes, we’ve interviewed her on her perception of social-media.

A platform that can help inspire, network and raise self-esteem, if used correctly.

Users all of the internet use social media in many different ways. And Cris Saur has found a way to promote an encouraging message via her social media.

"My message is that we should see ourselves at the same level, instead of comparing ourselves. We can help and inspire each other. I believe that inner beauty will save the world once we understand our oneness, through kindness and connection with others." says Cris Saur.

The definition of social media and its final use is a grey area for users worldwide.

Positive and negative experiences generate new insights and motivation to drive the online experience moving forward to a healthier online space looking to connect people all over the world.

Cris Saur talks about her experience with social media:

" I have met incredible people that I have been very lucky to interview thanks to social media, because of the way they present themselves. My tip is to be really careful about the people we follow. We want to follow people that are positive, that bring us up, that are inspiring, make us laugh!”

“We can create an amazing movement with it instead of saying it’s bad."

Indeed, we have all heard negative experiences with social media. Anxiety, stress, addictions, fear of missing out.

The issue is when we compare ourselves, continues Cris. Just like in life, depending on where you go, it can be good or bad. I do not think it is fair to compare ourselves on social media. We are born in different parts of the world, with different families, we speak different languages... We are all unique. Plus, we do not know what is behind a picture…”

So how do we prevent those toxic outcomes and instead, make the best out of the social media platforms to improve our lives and the ones of others?

“You can get motivated with your personal goals. Some people share their story and inspire us to start TODAY. We can start at our own pace, and after a year we look back and we have taken 365 steps”, concludes the filmmaker.